It’s a quite audacious thing, I think, to start a blog. It implies that I have some to share, something of value that someone, anyone will find useful or encouraging.

I don’t know if I do or not. I hope that I do and we shall soon find out, won’t we?

What I can tell you for sure at this very moment is that I’m just a lady in the middle of her twenties who is doing her best at life, marriage, career, and family.

I love cooking for my husband, reading hardcover books, knitting with wool, Harry Potter, wearing lipstick, hugging puppies, and traveling across the world to always return back home.

I do not love cat videos (sorry!), snow that falls outside of the months December through February, spicy food, anything relating to zombies, or dishonesty.

Let’s just see where this takes us shall we?


You are loved,




3 thoughts on “Audacious

  1. Just started my blog as well, same thoughts ran through my head. Will anyone actually care what I have to say? Surprisingly, it doesnt really matter. I like finding a place to share my knowledge and put my creativity into! Life can get pretty routine sometimes so its nice to have something thats your and only yours on the side!

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