Trying Again

I know how to ride a bike. I just don’t do it.

Or so I would have said up until Saturday.

I learned to ride as a child as nearly everyone does although I was never my best thing.

I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair and I hated the feeling of falling on the pavement.

When I got older and my friends were into bikes again, I never took to it. I’m an itty bitty girl and I had never sat on a bike that wasn’t too big for me since I turned 12.

Stopping the bike consisted of me squeezing the break and then hurtling my body forward off the seat and somehow landing on the grounding, usually dropping the bike and losing balance.
Getting started riding meant me stepping down on one pedal and then leaping up into position and merely hoping my balance would be stable as I wobbled back and forth for several feet.
It wasn’t fun.

To top it off, the issues plaguing my knees resulted in pain for the next several days.
So I decided bike riding was not for me.


But then I went and married a bike riding enthusiast who wanted nothing more than to go on a bike ride with me. I explained to him the issues, telling him of the times I had fallen and pointing to the aching knees.  He understand, but instead of settling as I had done, challenged me to try again.

He coaxed me into the bike store where I reluctantly talked to the store staff about the height issue and the knee issue, telling them that biking just wasn’t a good thing for me. Those kind people talked me through my options, showing me bikes aligned differently to take the impact off my knees and that were perfectly suited to girls a mere 5’0” tall.

I didn’t event want to test ride one.  I was certain I wouldn’t mount it properly after years of the step-leap-wobble method and promptly fall in the parking lot. Mr. H asked me to just try. I couldn’t bear to be so afraid as to let him down on a such a simple matter.  So I tried again.

It was glorious!! I loved that bike and I loved riding. Oh the joy of a bike that is my size.  Further, not a twinge of pain n my knees was felt.

We took this darling bike home and I am thrilled to join my husband in bike enthusiasm.


What a stunning reminder of what can happen when you are willing to refuse to settle and try again.


Gotta go ride!

You are loved,



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