Give Up

I’d like to buck the trend on something here for a second (especially with the New Years resolutions abounding).

In my own opinion, it’s perfectly okay to give up.

Soak that up.

It’s okay to give up.

In certain situations, for certain reasons, I think it is okay, nay, best to give up.
As living breathing humans and children of the almighty creator, each one of us is given the talents and inclinations that make us….us. And along with those talents and skills that we hone and practice and utilize, we have in equal measure “untalent” and “unskill” (I made those words up, but I think you know what I mean).

What great freedom in choosing to believe that you don’t have to be successful at everything that you try. Who ever said to finish EVERYTHING that you start?

Why must we allow Pinterest peer pressure shame us into thinking that each project and party and “life hack” must be DIY’d or we are a failure as a person, woman, home owner, hipster, etc.

Embrace the lack of skill and move on to the things you ARE good at I say!

With this is mantra on my lips, I am giving myself permission to donate the Rubbermaid full of craft supplies and half-finished projects that I will never finish and which bring me no joy. Even better, I give you permission to do that same!

With that done, I’m off to the sewing, knitting, cooking, and make up that I love!

You are loved,