Good Girl, Good Girl

These days have been a little different around our household.  2/3 of the adults have been in Cabo and the remaining 1/3 (that’s me) have been responsible for 2/2 dogs.

The most (only?) challenging aspect of this arrangement is that the pooches are alone all day while I am at work.

For Lucy the 8-Month-Old-Golden-Retreiver, the point of contention occurs when I (finally, finally finally mom!) get home. On one hand/paw she reallllllllllllly needs to go potty while on the other, she will not allow herself to be parted from her mother dearest for even a moment after the TORTURE she just endured.

Never-the-less, one of my greatest desires in life is to clean up as little pee as possible so we compromise….Lucy goes out for a potty break and I go out and stand in the grass with her.

Without fail, she trots into the yard and proceeds with her business, all the while maintaining steady eye contact with me.  And without fail, I find myself telling her that she is a good girl, good girl and this is good potty. Every time. Now Lucy has been fully potty trained for a good long time now, surely she knows she is a good girl and that this here, is the good potty.

I feel strongly that she needs to be praised and she certainly seems to appreciate it.  At the conclusion of her business, the nugget gallops up for a hug and kiss, plus a couple more good girl, good girl reminders.

A pointless exercise perhaps, but doesn’t this perhaps give us a gentle reminder about our own lives?

Let’s not stop giving praise for things we appreciate, or reminding the people in our lives that what they’re doing is good and valuable.

And let’s most definitely not feel ashamed to ask for support when we’re afraid or lonely – or to go running towards those who love us when a hug and kiss would make it better.


You are loved,