Weekend Recap: Sister’s Bridal Shower

Here it finally is, the show and tell of my sister’s bridal shower!

BROWN flower cups

I was inspired by this Pinterest idea but wanted to use sister’s new last name (Brown) instead! However, these darling mugs retail for something like $7 a pop and that just wasn’t going to work for me. Solution – plain white cups on clearance at Crate & Barrel and a package of puffy stickers from Hobby Lobby. Couldn’t be easier!


Whisk Lights

Another pinterest idea! Using clear string (jewelry section at H-Lobby), I strung 6 whisks of varying sizes (kitchen gadget aisle at the grocery store) from my curtain rod.  Add tealights and its done!


Guest Book Apron

Since it was a kitchen shower, I wanted a kitcheny guest book. I picked up a plain apron from Jo-Ann, hot glued some lace around the edges, and wrote her name in bubble letters. During the shower, the ladies signed their names and wrote words that they thought described her!


During the shower, the ladies signed their names and wrote words that they thought described her!


“From Miss to Mrs. Banner”

Have you seen those darling printable banners on Pinterest? I loved this idea to brighten up the dining room area. I used Shanty 2 Chic‘s blog to print off my letters, mounted them on cardstock, hot glued them to the same clear string and hung it over my window.

IMG_4453 IMG_4443


And finally, just some snapshots of some of the food we served:







Weekend Preview: Bridal Shower

The past few weeks have been a flurry of craft supplies, kitchen gadgets, and research on non-annoying bridal shower games. My sister is getting married after Christmas and I have the great pleasure of hosting her bridal shower in my home this weekend.


Here’s some preview shots of what I’ve been up to:


IMG_4438 IMG_4440 IMG_4443


Check in at the end of the weekend to see how everything turned out!

Weekend Recap: The Blue Herringbone Pillows

When I got up yesterday morning, I was bound and determined to cross a particular irksome job off my to do list – deep cleaning the car.

But then I saw the rain and felt the cold and decided no, that would not be car-cleaning day after all.  It was actually a day for an inside project – new pillows for the living.

This is a pattern-free project. Whenever I can avoid using tiny, sharp metal skewers to afix tissue paper shapes to fabric and then cut on the dotted line, I surely do it.

Step 1: Start on Pinterest (When is this not Step 1??)

I did a simple search for “throw pillow DIY” and picked out some styles.

This one caught my eye first:


(I believe this one is from WorldMarket)

I love decorative buttons.


Step 2: Gather supplies.  Pillow forms at 50% off and clearance fabric? That’s an “oh yeah!” – plus very economically priced buttons at Hobby Lobby and we’re ready to roll.


Step 3: Assemble pillows

My pillow forms were 16.5 inches across, square. I cut my fabric 1.5 inches larger to build in the seam allowance.

Pillow 1: The top piece was left three inches longer than the bottom piece. I fold it over in a 1.5 inch fold to mimic the fold over look, ironed it flat, and hand stitched on the buttons.


Minor details – After ironing, I did throw in some basting stitching across the edge to keep everything in place and then added a narrow line of stitching on the fold only because I thought it looked more polished.


To finish the pillow, I sewed the four sides, leaving an approximately 5 inch opening, added the pillow, and hand stitched the opening close.


Pillow 2: I wanted to keep this pillow more simple, since the first pillow featured the button details. But, I still wanted something special to set it off – a fabric cording gives just the right effect.

In addition to cutting the fabric covers, I cut 1.5 inch long strips of fabric from the excess. I located a simple cord amongst some assorted sewing supplies and wrapped the fabric around it and based the casing closed.


Okay I admit, at this point, it got a little more complex than I had originally intended. Essentially, I stitched the homemade coding to one of the fabric covers, all the way around.


Once this was done, I carefully stitched the two covers together, being careful to stitch right along the cording. Lastly, I added the pillow form and hand stitched it close.



The Dreaded Desk

This was the weekend of TDD – The Dreaded Desk.

Friday night, I hauled the drawers and top shelf out to the backyard, turned on my audio book, and buckled down on the sanding. TDD had many an issue: chipped paint, scratches in the surface, and an uneven finish…all to be cured by a good sanding, hosing down, and light scrub with hot soapy water.

image image

I had originally thought of stripping the paint entirely and letting the natural wood have a chance to see daylight, but when I realized how many layers of paint were on this baby, I decided to abandon that folly.

TDD would be painted and antiqued, declared I.


Saturday morning I was out in the backyard again, before I had even had my morning coffee. I was itching to get the painting started.

Because this project was crying out for (1) easy and (2) quick fixes, I chose a two in one spray paint for the task, two bottles:


This stuff is magic in an aluminum can. Can’t say enough about it. The color was true, it covered everything, and only required on even coat.


Ta-da! Isn’t that color a breath of fresh air?

As much as I love it, it’s a bit…..bright…for my house.  The mister and I lean towards the neutrals and the darks I’m afraid (navy…rust…taupe…mauve..)

Enter the antiquing. While I was at Home Depot, nearly gagging at the paint prices, I found a quart of Behr Marquee black satin paint in the “oops” cart for a whopping $2 (less than the cost of a sample jar!!).


I started doing this process myself and quickly realized I couldn’t possible dab on the paint and wipe off the excess quickly enough. I had dried up glops and messy splotches of black mussing up my lovely blue.

This is a two person job.

As I hollered for my husband to come out to the yard and help me, I covered over the worst areas with another coat of Aqua.

After some practice, we had this mastered. I “dab dab dab”ed and he wiped the paint into the grain.


As the storm clouds rolled in, we moved the completed pieces into the garage.

Sunday afternoon, it was crunch time.

The hulking base of the desk was hauled into the yard, sanded, cleaned, spray painted, and antiqued in about 1.5 hours. I’d call that a success!


I am thrilled with the result: colorful yet subtle and perfect for our house.

It wasn’t dry enough to assemble when we had to head home so you’ll have to wait for the photo of the complete transformation. I’m trying to talk Mr. H into turning it into our entertainment center…we shall see!!

Until then, you are loved,



Weekend Preview: The Dreaded Desk

A year ago, I saw this side desk in a resale shop I frequent and snatched it up for about $12 with the glorious dream of stripping the existing paint and refinishing it with a fresh new color scheme and artsy texture.



So far it has gone no further than sit in my parents garage and the dream has faded. It makes my stomach turn every time I see it sitting there, a desk home to dust and cobwebs instead of stationary and writing implements.

Nevertheless, I am determined to finish this project once and for all this weekend!

Stayed tuned for my progress.

You are loved,